A man and a woman looking at a mobile phone.
A man and a woman looking at a mobile phone.

Empowering your ambitions

You need more than steel to fully realize your ambitions. That is where SSAB Services will make a difference. Through a range of service offerings, we will enable you to get maximum performance and durability out of your steel applications.


Services that accelerate your development

We’re here to help you make the most of your resources. Our teams of engineers and specialists work directly with you to understand your objectives and speed up the process of reaching them.

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Transformation through innovation

The pressure to constantly innovate is relentless. Beginning with your perspectives and goals, SSAB Services can fast-track your innovation processes and enable you to deliver market leading solutions.

A man testing steel in an SSAB laboratory.

Building strategic partnerships

Our customers are always invited to work alongside our engineers and specialists. Building strategic and long-term partnerships is a great way to drive product development.

Zamarbu collaborates with SSAB to offer first-in-market designs

Zamarbu in Spain hired SSAB Product Engineering to develop a range of lightweight steel semi-trailer chassis

Services meeting your challenges

Our service offerings cover all the steps in a successful product development process. Below you’ll find some of the specific services we provide. They are all part of the greater challenge: to make you more competitive.

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Innovation and proof of concept

A cog wheel icon representing FEM, CAD and DEM simulations.

FEM, CAD and DEM simulations

A laptop showing drawings of a steel trailer body.

Manufacturing drawings

An icon of a steel cutting equipment.

Preprocessing and manufacturing services

A photo of a welder in a welding helmet.

Welding procedure specifications (WPS)

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Ready-made kits and components

Contact us with your challenges

SSAB Steel Service Centers

SSAB Steel Service Centers can supply ready-made parts and components according to your specifications, simplifying logistics and product manufacturing.

Two SSAB employees discussing in a workshop.
A photo of a shiny steel coil.

Explore our steel products

Looking for premium high-strength and abrasion-resistant steels? Browse the full range of SSAB’s brands and products and find the steel that is right for your applications. As always, our steel specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have.