SSAB Boron steel – optimized steel for quench hardening

SSAB Boron steel stands for a new and wider range of advanced steel grades for quench and press hardening. It will improve overall productivity, yield and end product quality. It’s the right choice for trouble-free and cost-efficient performance in heat-treatment processes.

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SSAB Boron steel is a wide range of advanced steel grades optimized for quench and press hardening.

  • Superior steel cleanliness
  • Optimized and consistent chemistry
  • Narrow and consistent dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent behavior in mechanical and thermal cutting
  • Problem-free punching and machining
  • Predictable and repetitive behavior in quench hardening
  • Outstanding resistance to wear and impacts
  • Extended service life
Good for the business

Looking for trouble-free and cost-efficient performance?

Workshop excellence starts with clean boron steel.

Olofsfors optimizes quality, sustainability and production with SSAB Boron steel

Since Swedish company Olofsfors brought the production of its ECO-Tracks for forestry machines in-house, it has secured an optimized production process with less material waste and improved sustainability. The side supports on the tracks are made from SSAB Boron steel.

SSAB M53 hardenable steel is a revolution in reliable performance and easy quenching

SSAB M53 steel can be quenched in plain water without an immediate need for tempering, and still reach exceptionally high values for hardness and impact strength. 

Production disturbances in your heat treatment processes?

If you’ve experienced production disturbances due to varying steel properties, try SSAB Boron steel.

Plates, coils, slits, sheets tubes or sections?

Get to know the extensive offer and pick your favorite boron steel.

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