WickLane. Photographer: JimStephenson
WickLane. Photographer: JimStephenson

GreenCoat® color coated steel for harsh weather and greener living

GreenCoat® is the brand for innovative, sustainable color coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems. Widely used in sustainable architecture, GreenCoat® products offer an extensive range of colors and coatings with Swedish rapeseed oil.

Colors GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Select GreenCoat® from a wide choice of building applications for your project:

GreenCoat® color coated steel roofs


Roofs have to deal with Mother Nature´s every mood. A steel roof is a natural choice standing strong against the toughest weather requirements.

GreenCoat® color coated steel facades


Create expressive steel façades using standing seam systems, profiles, sandwich panels or cassettes/lamellas.

GreenCoat® for rainwater systems

Rainwater systems

Rainwater systems contribute to the look of the overall building. Steel rainwater systems are a perfect match for all types of roofs.

Sustainability: bio-based coatings and fossil-free steel

Coatings made from Swedish rapeseed oil

Bio-based coatings made from Swedish rapeseed oil

Most GreenCoat® products feature a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oils.

This unique solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly –  and makes the GreenCoat® product portfolio the market’s greenest offer for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

Fossil-free steel from SSAB

Fossil-free steel from SSAB, available by 2026

SSAB is a member of the joint venture HYBRIT project, which aims to revolutionize the steel industry with fossil-free steel by 2026.

The result will be unique: the world’s first fossil-free steel making technology, with virtually no carbon footprint. The by-product from steel making process would be water, not carbon dioxide.

GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Today, the lifecycle perspective of products has become more and more important. As a result, documents need to give information addressing the lifecycle phases, product contents as well as the production and how to best recycle or re-use materials.

The GreenCoat® EPD is available to give you details about how we produce GreenCoat® color coated steel and care for the product lifecycle.

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EPD: GreenCoat® color coated steel sheets and coils – v1.4-2023
GreenCoat® products are available in a wide range of colors

Every color imaginable

From common trends to vibrant tones and exclusive finishes, GreenCoat® products are available in a wide range of colors. Each has been carefully selected based on modern building and design trends.

Long product life is essential for sustainable buildings

GreenCoat® Guarantee

GreenCoat® Guarantee

– Buildings built to last

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GreenCoat® European Guarantee - 240401
GreenCoat® has been tested in the harshest weather conditions

40 years of global testing in the harshest weather conditions

Over 10,000 panels of GreenCoat® color coated steel have been exposed year-round to harsh climates and conditions, including saltwater, snow, ice, rain, UV-radiation, high humidity, wind and storm to ensure the highest product performance.
Svärtvik, Trosa, Sweden, 3dO Arkitekter Photographer: Mattias Hamrén

GreenCoat® reaches highest UV and corrosion classes

Long product life plays an important role when specifying building materials. The new UV (Ruv5) and RC corrosion (RC5+) classes from the new standard EN10169:2022 ensure that building products have an extremely long product life, which has already been confirmed by SSAB’s GreenCoat® guarantees. You will find the Ruv and RC classes in the technical datasheet of our GreenCoat® products.

Carl Cross – Metal roofer

GreenCoat PLX – “The Roofer’s Choice”

GreenCoat PLX products from SSAB were developed together with tinsmiths and have become “The Roofer’s Choice”. They are highly formable, can be installed year-round, and offer a 50-year technical guarantee. Carl Cross, from Zinc and Copper Roofing Ltd (UK), has installed GreenCoat PLX on a roof and shares his thoughts with us.

Find out more about our new product:

Indoor applications

GreenCoat FoodSafe products

To address the strict industry demands and EU regulations that set the principles for articles intended to come into direct or indirect contact with food,  GreenCoat FoodSafe products offer certified non-toxic, easy to clean and durable color coated steel solutions for walls, ceilings, doors in cold rooms and deep freezers, as well as refrigerated counters, institutional kitchens and production premises.

Download brochure:

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GreenCoat FoodSafe products – Safety and performance for the food industry